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Arcane Arena (Playtesters needed) - Print & Play and Tabletop Simulator

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Hi everyone, I've been developing a light dice game called Arcane Arena that could use some additional testing from a wider range of gamers. I currently have a Page setup on with the print and play cards and rules. I would appreciate help from any group willing to try the game, especially within the next few weeks as I'd like to make the final revised prototype by GenCon.

Additionally if anyone is every in the Bayonne/Jersey City area of NJ, I'd be more than willing to playtest in person and help with anyone else's game if possible.

The components required to test are:
18 cards per player
1 individual "Archmage" card
10 d6 (works best with 6 dice of one color and 4 dice of another)
1 sheet of adhesive paper to apply symbols to dice.
4 individual 5"x5" character cards to track HP.
30-35 tokens of any kind

Print & Play link:

Feedback Form:

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