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Ashenmore PnP

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Ashenmore PnP

Thank you for taking a look at Ashenmore! A game developed by RETcon games! We are a small group of people from AZ, and we have spent the past several years developing this game. It started out as a mix from Warhammer and MOBAs. We hope that you like it and please feel free to check us out on Facebook! Any feedback is greatly appreciated!

RETcon Games
-Rob,El, Tommy

Ashenmore is a tactical arena brawler where each player controls a team of powerful magic users vying for victory in the Grand Magic Games. Each wizard is highly specialized, which, when combined with a draft before each match, creates a unique battle each and every time. Teams gain victory through completing challenges to score enough points, or by simply beating their opponents into the ground until none stand before them.


Game Time:
1-2 Hours

12 Map Sheets (2 Maps Total)
15 Character Cards and Character Tokens)
2 Scorecards
6 Gemstone Tokens
36 Wizard Spell Tokens
6 Tower Control Tokens
28 Status Effect Cards
20 Unique Spell Effect Cards
14 Objective Cards
32+ Readied Spell Cards (Depending on Printing)
8 Inactive Tokens

The rules and all game components are on their own specific Google Docs in this folder. When printing readied spells, the picture pages and the numbered page are printed as double-sided. Alternatively, to save on time, you could write the relative numbers on the back of the cards after they're cut out.

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