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Austin Board Game Bash GameCon-- Testing reports.

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Hello all.. If you would indulge me a bit I am cross posting a report about some published Indie games and their playing I just put on the the TGC forums.. and also I have a coda for the post about some more details of playtestings that occurred. :)

Greetings everyone!!

Our first ever gameCon here in the capital of the Lone Star state was successful beyond our wildest expectations. We had TRIPLE our goal of attendees !!

If you would like to check out my BGG GL of our event here ... will see many TGC luminaries' games represented. They were in the card game tourn I ran ( that GL isn't posted yet, will put a forum note up here when I do ) -- and TGC Arena of Heroes designer Jeremy S. and crew played some of them as well when he wasn't getting some good feedback from testing his own game !!

Those games were Auction Junktion, Trade Fleet & Organized Chaos.

We even had TV coverage showing yours truly and card tourney crew playing OC as well as other games. ( Namely a new fave of mine called " I'm the Boss". !!)

TV LINK here:

Also to keep spreading more good word about these fine games, I will in the coming several weeks be posting my first three ever BGG reviews-- I will be posting generally positive reviews of OC, AJ, and TF in that order and will forum post about those links when they become active.

Our con was such a grand success we will perhaps be doing TWO of them in 2012 instead of just one !! If you would like your game considered to be part of a featured tournament or you would like to donate/discount a copy or copies of your game for raffle prizes, please do not hesitated to contact me at ( I donated my extra 2nd copy of Icepack's Big Bag of Schwag as part of my sponsorship donation of 23 games for give-aways.)

Lastly, for more pics/more reports of the glorious aftermath of our con/upcoming info on the next one please LIKE the facebook page @


To sum up/reiterate we had the following sets of testing going on during our GameCon, please hunt up all of these fine games in progress !!! :

Jeremy S. got a lot of plays and feedback for his Arena of Heroes.

Established and esteemed Game Designer and Protospiel South honcho Johnathan L. did a good bunch of testing for his new game. ( no entry yet but Mr. L's BGG link : )

Also when someone buys the only copy you have with you, that would prove to be a successful test, no??? !!! :)
That happened with this game the designer brought down from Dallas--

Finally here are three games yours truly will be helping test soon.. please have a look at these fine games as well if you can !!!

If I'm going down....
Pandora's Box

Aces and Eights
-- No entry as of yet, but here is the designer's page :

Remember that I know we are all hideously busy, but try to give your fellow designer's games-in-progress what love and attention you can, the karma will come back to you when it comes time to get YOUR games playtested !!!


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