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Banished (PnP Moba) (Please check out my previous Banished post!)

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(The tokens are NOT my art; I got them off of Google Images, while the map is created by me)

Set up:
Print out the map and the token sheet. Each side gets 3 of the 6 champions; Pudge, Antimage, Bloodmage Thalnos, Dragon Knight, Jim Raynor, and Geomancer.
Set the damage, mana, and xp tokens aside. Each side gets 5 towers (put them on the tower spots on the map; when destroyed, remove the token), and 6 creeps. Put a neutral creep on the right and left side in the jungle. Grab some dice, and some miscellaneous tokens, and you're good to go.

Turn Order:
Phase 1: Creeps
-Move each of your creeps 1 space forward on the creep track.
-If a creep would move into an enemy creep, kill both of them
-If a creep would move into an enemy tower, kill the creep and deal 1 damage to the enemy tower
-Place a creep token on your creep space, if you don't have 3 creeps in your left or right lane. (max 3 creeps on left and 3 on right)
-Neutral creeps will attack hero who previously attacked them, or chase after them, until they hit a lane/road

Phase 2: Heroes
-Each of your heroes gets one action;
-Move 2 spaces
-Auto attack (Basic attack)
-Use a skill
When attacking or using a skill with attack, roll a # of dice equal to your heroes attack skill. The target rolls a # of dice equal to their defense skill. A 1-2 is a shield, and a 3-6 is a skull. Each shield rolled by the defender negates 1 skull by the attacker. Any left over skulls is dealt as damage to the target. Place a # of red damage tokens on your hero to represent damage.
When using a skill, you must pay it's mana cost. Place a # of mana tokens on your hero to represent how much mana it's missing.

Phase 3: Upkeep
-Tick down status effects, buffs, debuffs, etc.
-Activate any of your towers that have targets in range (1-2???)

Your goal is to destroy the enemies structure; The Life Tree for the Light, The Dark Crystal for the Dark. You must deal (10? 20?) damage to destroy it. Each tower has (5? 10?) health.


Please let me know if you need more information, and any comments/concerns/ideas and FEEDBACK!


Joined: 02/16/2014

Anyone tried this yet?

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