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Beta-Tester Special for upcoming Proxy Wars expansions

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Joined: 03/21/2010

Proxy Wars is a new expandable 2-player Print & Play game in a modern but slightly fictional setting. Players represent a battlesome faction and use their agents to fight for control of a customziable board, which is set up individually each time. To win the game agents must occupy valuable tiles with victory points and/or wipe out enemy agents.

Proxy Wars is a full fledged strategy board game with the feel of tile-placing and trading card elements. You are to decide how to best deploy your factions power and agents to outwit your opponent with ingenious cutting, positioning and attacking strategies.

The free base sets includes 2 factions:
MegaCorps Inc. - A worldwide corporate group
GreenEngage - NGO about protecting the planet

The full game will be published by end of April, when we have all the graphics in. We merge this (board) game with the world of web 2.0. There is a whole background story around and we will react also to actual events and cross borders into the real life.


First efforts of the GreenEngage faction on the internet:


Are you interested to know what we are planning next?

We offer the next new faction for free for the first 50 Beta-Testers who signup! New factions will cost $3 including upgrades. Sure you will receive the basic factions too, so you will have a sneak preview before we finally launch the complete game.

Please register at the Proxy Wars website.


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