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Blind Playtesting / Expanding the Playtest Horizons

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One of my games, Leaving Earth, is very close to being "done"-ish. I have been tweaking minor things for the past few months, but it's 99% stabilized now. But, to work out the rest of the kinks, I feel like it would be worthwhile to expand the number of different playtesters (and also have them exam the rules for holes and inconsistencies). So...

I guess I'm wondering, is it useful to put up PDFs of the cards and boards for the game and have people print, play, and send feedback? Would people on here do that? I would greatly appreciate if they would, but I wanted to test the waters to see if that was a viable option or not...

Let me know what you think...



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Find a school

I would suggest finding a school that might participate in playtesting your game. I wouldn't get your hopes up on people doing a pdf printout, play it and then send feedback. Most people are unreliable in that instance unless they have an invested interest in your game. Sounds harsh but you can see where I'm coming from. :)

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Online playtesting?

Hi, I'm actually working on starting building an online playtesting/prototyping tool, which I hope would be useful to you in the future. I'm still in the early stages, so it won't be ready for your current project, but maybe for your future one? My project page is here:

Another thing that occurs to me, which may be more useful in the near term would be that you could have some sort of Meetup ( I've never seen anyone do a playtesting event that way, but there are a bunch of existing gamer groups who might be interested in trying something a little more "raw".

Good Luck!


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