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Boit: Light card-based strategy for 2-4, PnP ready

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Welcome, gods and goddesses. In Boit you must prove your superiority over the rest of the pantheon by inspiring your world to believe in you above all others. The world’s faith in you will give you power. Collect faith by demonstrating your strength in war. Use your power to bless some of your followers to become Boit, the elevated race. You must work efficiently, for in three ages, the ascension comes, and the god with the most power will reign forever.

Boit uses trick-taking as the primary mechanic for area control. Because the winning suit is determined by map location rather than what is led, it is notably different than most trick-taking games. Players seek to collect faith through melding, capturing cards, and capturing map spaces that contain faith. Rather than a trump suit, players bid to elevate one of the races to the status of Boit. Boit is capable of winning in every dominion, but doesn't win automatically. Two other fun elements: Knights and mounts can be combined to become the highest ranking unit (a mounted knight). Assassins can be used to call specific cards out of your opponents hand, but if they don't have the card you name then the assassin becomes the low card. In its current state the game is very fun and well balanced. The game plays in 40 minutes for two players, but can accommodate up to four (with four playing in 2 partnerships).

Print and Play
Cards Print two copies
Map Print one copy
Player Aid Print one or two

You'll also need a bunch of counters. Cubes, pebbles, pennies--most anything will work to keep track of the currency in the game.

I've tested this to my limit with friends, family, and strangers at a fantasy convention, but I want it to be a great game, so I need more testing. Please give me any feedback you're willing. Thanks in advance for your time and efforts.

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Hmmm... I don't see a way to

Hmmm... I don't see a way to put pictures in comments. I've started uploading card art samples over at BGG where I've started a thread like this one. Here's the link if you're interested.

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Image Code:<a

Image Code:
<a href="linktoimg" target="_blank"><img src="linktoimg" width="450px"></a>

For images posted here, I also make a link that opens up in a new tab so you can see the full size. The max displayed width without overlaying onto the side bar is 450px because that is about how wide these text fields are.

To get that code above to work, click "Input Format" below the text box and select Markdown. Note that Markdown sometimes has odd formatting or omits breaklines so you have to manually put in <br> after certain lines to get the desired gap. Basically, be sure to preview before submitting.

About the game, I will look at it after work (on lunch break now).

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