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Campaign 2012 UPDATE: Binders Full of Horses and Bayonets! Playtesters needed

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This is the last update before the election for my election game, currently titled Campaign 2012:

*Four new events, including (of course) "Binders Full Of Women"
*Several new strategy cards for both Romney and Obama, including Big Bird, War on Coal, Horses and Bayonets, and "Not Optimal"
*No major rules changes from last time. The Presidential Debate event is explicitly shuffled in to the late game, and some resolution procedures have been clarified and updated.
*Many cost and effect re-adjustments for existing cards

A short game recap:
Both players are trying to win the presidency by battling it out over around 17 swing states. (You can unlock additional non-swing states.) Each turn, both players create an "Agenda" from a common stock of cards, and then use campaign tokens to execute this agenda. Players place support on states by winning various issues and demographics. Each player also has a set of candidate-specific strategy cards that only they can use. Events also occur, and each player tries to "spin" the event to their favor.

It is a card-based game. You will need some sort of tokens of two colors to represent support cubes. I also recommend using poker chips marked with a sharpie for the campaign tokens. My intention is to update the game once more after the election, although at this point there will probably just be some balance tweaking and perhaps a few new cards.

There are a lot of separate files, so if anyone is interested in playtesting this game, please get in contact with me at

Edit: This is a print and play game.

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