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Car Aces - a vehicle combat game ready for playtesting

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Joined: 10/19/2012

This is my first attempt at creating a game - I'd be hugely grateful to anyone who can take the time to try it out, or at least take a look over the rules.

Here's a quick synopsis, to help you decide if you'd be interested:

• The game uses Hot Wheels/Matchbox size cars, so needs a lot of room - 4 to 7 feet per side. You may want to tape an arena on a floor using string, as I've been doing.

• Positioning, cornering and speed is calculated using strips of paper - the faster you travel, the longer the strip.

• I wanted to avoid complex die roll calculations, so combat is conducted by flicking counters at opposing vehicles. Counters can be glass 'gems', upturned bottle caps, pebbles or marbles.

The game should take about 60-90 minutes, and all feedback of any kind would be massively appreciated.

Everything is ready to download here:


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