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Celestial Conflict - Board Game - Free Demo!

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Joined: 04/17/2013

Hey everyone, I'm working on a hexed based board game that plays kind of like chess, but with more behaviors and diversity. There are 4 unique races to choose from including the human Federation, assimilating Cyborgs, powerful Luminus and the never ending Surge. I'd like to direct your attention to a few links if you please:

The game:

The Facebook page:

The demo area:

Leaving feedback on the forums would be great! Feedback here is more than welcome of course, too. I'm really excited to get it in the hands of players to see what people think.

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Kudos to you! this looks

Kudos to you! this looks really good. Will be following closely for sure.

(I would try and testplay, but i have too much other stuff on my plate ATM.)

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Download faliure

Could you PM me a pdf of the rules. The website you provided fails to let me download the rules. Everything else was fine and looks great.

I run a web series about games that are still in the playtesting and/or close to publishing or kickstarter phase. We would like to showcase your game with your permission.



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