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Child Beauty Pageant Tycoon - Playtesters needed

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Hello! I'm currently playtesting a card-based game called Child Beauty Pageant Tycoon. It's inspired by the bizarre world of Toddlers & Tiaras. You play as a mother with children that you enter in beauty pageants. Your goal is to vicariously win five beauty pageants through your children before any of the other mothers win.

In case you're wondering, this game is not made to poke fun at the poor children stuck in the middle, it's to make fun of the mothers and parents. The children are the innocent ones in all of this.

I've been playtesting this for a few months within my group of friends and family, but I'm looking for an outsider view. Is it fun, are the rules easy to understand? I'm very willing to do playtests (as much as I can after moving to a new, strange town) and I am also able to copy-edit any rules or other writings you might need eyes laid upon. (If there's a thread in this forum with info about your stuff, point me to it)

Since it's a card game, it's more or less print-n-play at this moment. There are things like pennies or other kinds of simple counters that you would have to supply. Otherwise, just paper and ink. The public dropbox link is here:

Thank you in advance! Please ask me for questions anytime. I'll be checking this forum frequently.

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