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Cinemassociations - A Movie Trivia Party Game

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Hey there folks!

I have been working on Cinemassociations for awhile now, and I think I'm ready to ask for some blind play testers to give me their thoughts.

The basic gist is that players will have a hand of cards featuring movies, directors, and actors. They must play these cards onto the table to form direct connections between the cards that are touching. You get points for forming connections, and the player with the most points at the end wins.

Here are the cards for the print and play version -

Here are the rules -

You can also play it on Tabletop Simulator here -

When you are done playing, if you could take a few moments to fill out my feedback survey, that would be a huge help. You can find it here -

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Have you thought about any

Have you thought about any other titles for the game?

I just stared at "Cinemassociations" for a while before I deciphered what it was.

Also, are you legally able to use all of those names?

Your rules are well written and explain the game well.

Have you thought about using this concept with things besides movies? You could introduce more of a party game atmosphere if players had to explain connections between more abstracted cards. It would allow players to tell stories and be creative as opposed to just testing movie trivia.

Just a thought.

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I'm definitely not thrilled

I'm definitely not thrilled with the title. I had considered Cinemations, but I still don't like that too much either.

I'll have to look up the legality on using all the names, but I think using them in this way would be OK.

I would love to branch out to other things, but I'm not sure what other themes have so much of a web of connections.

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What about ...

Something along the lines of "Movie Reviewers"??? Like "The Reviewers", or "The Rotten Apple Reviewers"... To mimic "Rotten Tomatoes" but like a Party Parody?!

Not sure how your game works - but maybe you can use this theme and try to add a spin on the game that the reason you are trying to "review" the movies that you thread together...

Just some ideas... Cheers and good luck with your game!

Update: Maybe you are all reviewers trying to make the "Best B Movie" of all. You could call it "B Movies". Another idea I had!

I just took a look at your files/rulebook. I was thinking it was more like Dixit by Asmodee. Here is a Dice Tower review:

The associations are kind of like matching "dominoes"... Gabe's idea about "images" is more in-line with what I was thinking about (ergo Dixit).

Update #2: Ya go with "B Movies" and use illustrated cards (ala Dixit) and make it all about creating the quirkiest, funniest "B" movies... That's just my opinion - but I can picture this being fun to play!

Like a VAN + a DAM = "Van Damme"!!! Going in that direction... Or "Van Helsing" the movie... For example.

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regniwekim wrote:I would love

regniwekim wrote:
I would love to branch out to other things, but I'm not sure what other themes have so much of a web of connections.

What if instead of using actual names and movie titles, you use pictures of things that players can decide how to use.

For instance, a picture of a rock touching a picture of a sports car could be, "Dwayne Johnson starred in The Fast and the Furious."

But you also have a rock touching a birdcage which could be, "Nicholas Cage starred in The Rock."

Using the exact same system, you could do music, television, sports, etc.

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I like cinemassociations as a

I like cinemassociations as a title, it makes sense for the game. And as a player I would much prefer to see the Actor's photo and movie posters, that's half of the reason I can recognise them - just the name and I'd think, who is that?

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