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Co-op 80s Slasher Horror Board Game - 1-4 PLAYERS - TABLETOP SIM or PRINT

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Hey Everyone,

First time I've ever done something like this - so I'm somewhat nervous. Have been deving this idea for the last year (on and off), and have done a few playtests with mates, but wanted to try blind testing with strangers.

The Game: Camp Carnage is a co-op survival horror game, heavily inspired by the slasher films of the eighties such as Friday The 13th, and Nightmare On Elm Street. 

Complete the objectives before the killer works his way down to the final victims of his rampage.

In Camp Carnage you and other players will take control of one of the 12 characters to work together, searching for the objectives, whilst avoiding hazards and traps. Play solo or with up to six people in this highly nostalgic, intense and thrilling game.

I'd love to hear your thoughts and questions and hopefully will have addressed all the components needed or things in the rules. Naturally I might have missed something so please let me know if there are any big questions I might have left out.

You can either try out the game on Tabletop Simulator on Steam - or if you want to print and play then I've organised all the components in a folder to be printed and cut out.

Here is the folder:

One Drive Outlook Download

Thank you very much.



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hi. welcome to the forum the

hi. welcome to the forum
the idea sounds cool. i loved a good slasher film when i was an impressionable young kid.
you seem to have a problem with the link though (or i have a problem my end)

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Hey Wob! I do love that genre

Hey Wob! I do love that genre and really wanted to try capture it as faithfully to a movie as I could.

Maybe try logging in with a Onedrive account and trying it? I think its working on my end.

Lemme know if you have any issues, and maybe I can email that stuff to you if so.

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Welcome to our corner of

Welcome to our corner of paradise!

I like the concept and would love to see it fleshed out. I especially appreciate you having a solo mode!

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Thoughts & Suggestions

Hello and welcome back, Milostnik! I wonder if this is a reworking of your Minotaur concept...? Meanwhile, I have some feedback for you, based on a read-through of the rules.

I agree with the others that have commented here that it captures the feel of camp slasher films of the 80's. It seems like a tabletop version of Dead by Daylight or the Friday the 13th video games (even the 8-bit NES/C64 gem!), including some of the imagery you have for the tokens.

The Fate system and Fear Tracker are nice additions, and the Fate tracker in particular seems like a solid way for players who feel like they have "nothing better to do" on their turn.

You could do with streamlining your game setup and wording quite a bit, in my opinion. For instance, instead of rolling to determine where players end up, just have players start in a different cabin than the others. If the game is going to be easier, have all the players start in the same cabin. Of course, testing can give you the results you need as to whether or not this significantly adjusts the challenge level.

As for the rulesheet itself, the explanations of the Fate dice placement and the Fear tracker seem a bit overwrought and wordy. Cleaning them up a bit can cut down on the length of your rulesheet and streamline gameplay.

I have TTS on Steam and a couple vacation days coming up. Hopefully I will be able to have a look at this game on the table and wander my way into a solo game to see how it plays.

Thanks again for sharing!

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Thanks so much for the great

Thanks so much for the great and constructive feedback. I really appreciate it.

I love the immediate links between Dead By Daylight and FT13th. I was actually inspired to create this game a year ago after playing countless hours of DbD and wondering why I haven't had this experience in a board game yet.

I've tried a few mechanic reworks over the last 24 hours.

I just thought of some nice reworks to try simplify players turns and teaching the game.

The Changes - Instead of the killer disappearing off the board at the end of a turn or a round, the killer only moves off the board when the tile is empty at the beginning of a players turn. If not then the Killer targets another survivor. This means that the Killer Strikes turn can carry over to multiple players turns and gets more potent if the players let the killer remain in LOS with the survivors.

I've updated the rules now and even all the PnP and TTS assets to accommodate for this.

Let me know how it goes. I really appreciate the advice.


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P.S I've created a little


I've created a little gameplay video of my going through how the rounds and mechanics work.


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