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Crazy Trains, playtesters wanted (PnP, Vassal Module)

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Hello, I'm Luke Perkin and I've been developing a fun family game called Crazy Trains.

About the Game.

In Crazy Trains you're a crazy train driver who drives from station to station taking passengers as hostages. However there are also other crazy train drivers out doing the same! There's only one track and you can't be sure where the other players will go.

  • 2 to 6 players.
  • < 30 minutes.
  • Bluffing mechanic, predict where your opponents will go.

Where to play the game.

The game can be downloaded to print yourself and I've also created a Vassal module. So far I've only played this game with family.

Crazy Trains Rules.

Crazy Trains Print and Play.

Crazy Trains Vassal Module.


If you're going to play the game, please take your time to fill out a feedback form:

If the game receives good feedback then I will publish a first edition to and a special thanks to everyone who helped playtest will be printed inside the rule book.

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