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Crime City - point/set collecting card game

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Hi folks,

I have a game that I've been working on for a few months.
Its called Crime City and its gone through quite an evolution. Let me provide some history for those interested...

It started as a player elimination game my 10 year old son came up with for 2-4 players. I came up with the theme of powerful people (the players) using resources within the city (cops, assassins, thugs, etc.) to gain control. Each resource has an ability to use against an opponent.

You play cards that target a player's cards in hand and their hand size. When the player's hand size reaches zero, they're eliminated.
This became problematic as more players were added. Someone could get eliminated early and have to sit through 4-5 re-shufflings of the deck. Getting eliminated wasn't fun.

So I added a point value to each card. Then we go through the deck once and whoever was left standing added up their points and highest total wins the round. It played fast, so getting eliminated wasn't a problem, but there was something about it that bugged me. Someone then pointed out to me that it was far too random. You drew a random card from the deck, played it against someone and selected a random card from their hand. There were no meaningful decisions.

Now its in its 3rd iteration. I've removed player elimination altogether and it is now strictly a point and set collecting game. Other than the drawing of a card, I've eliminated randomness by giving each player a "play area" where they keep cards they've played and cards can only target cards in that play area.

But there is still a couple of things bothering me. Maybe there are too many different types of cards with too many different abilities, so there are too many decisions, so paralysis/confusion sets in. The other thing is how to end the game/round. I have a mechanic for this but I'm not super happy with it.

I've attached the rules that includes a full card list.
I've also attached the file with the cards that can be printed out for playtesting if anyone is interested.

If anyone has any questions, thoughts or feedback, I would appreciate it.


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