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Crisis ISS - avert disaster on the troubled Space Station . Ready to playtest

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Joined: 02/07/2017

The International Space Station is in serious trouble! Can you stop the radiation leaks, control the biohazards and fix the solar arrays, all with limited resources and the threat of imminent explosions?

A game for 1-4 players with Take Control or Co Op modes
1-2 hours
Ages 8 and up

The files contain everything you need minus 3 dice
You can download this Beta v1 to print from here:

This is my first game. I've played it with my son and we both enjoyed enormously. We often play Risk or Zombies!!! together, and this contains elements of those games but with lots of other challenges.

Many thanks for playing this game and giving your feedback on how to make it great. I hope you have loads of fun with it!

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Hi Spacemonkey. The game

Hi Spacemonkey. The game sounds quite interesting but to be honest, in my case it's a bit daunting having to print a game to test.
Have you considered setting up a tabletopia ( version for convenience?

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Joined: 02/07/2017
Thanks for the tip Tikey,

Thanks for the tip Tikey, I'll take a look at tabletopia

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