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Critical Feedback Wanted - Playtest and rip my rules apart - STOMP! A Giant Monsters Game

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Joel GTG
Joined: 03/30/2013

The game is called STOMP! and is played with Giant Monster Miniatures on 3" hex tiles.
Each monster has it's own Monster Card describing its attributes.
Each hex tile is a location in a currently generic city (expansions may add real-life-inspired-locals).
The object of the game is to move your monster around in the city wreaking havoc and destroying the locations all while fighting off the military and your opponents Monster(s).
As your monster destroys the city it accumulates RAMPAGE which can be spent to power your Super Abilities.

Combat is fast and easy with a equal to or greater target number mechanic using d10s with an active response "Save" mechanic.
The player is not only playing against their human opponent, but also the board, as blind placed tokens sometimes randomly reveal 'military' tokens which will follow your monster around and harass them until they are destroyed.

The game ends when either the entire city is destroyed or there is only one monster left standing. Interestingly enough, the most common endgame is the city being destroyed.
Victory is determined by Victory Points. Each location is worth a number of VP between 1-4, defeating another monster is worth 5.

The game takes around 45 minutes with 2 players and adds an additional 15 or so with each additional player. The base set supports up to 8 players, but plays best with 2-4. Playing with 2 sets easily supports up to 10, but turns tend to drag at that point, while you wait for everyone else to have their go.

All you'll need to play is to print and cut out the files found at the link below, 5-10 ten sided dice, a miniature for your Monster, and tokens for Health and Rampage (though I've found using a paperclip as a slider on the Monster card works just as well).

The Zip file contains the current version of the rules, printable event cards, printable game tiles,

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