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Critical Limit: A high intensity skydiving race!

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Critical Limit is a fast pace, push your luck game for 2-4 players based around a skydiving race! Players all try to gain as many points as possible throughout the course of a round by racing as fast to the ground as possible, doing tricks along the way to earn extra points from the jusges, but be careful, that ground can come up quickly, and if you wait too long to pull your chute it might be too late. Who dares to push it to the critical limit?

We are currently looking for playtesters for our print and play version of Critical Limit. We are in the early stages of development and are very excited about this project. Any feedback would be greatly appreciated.

P.s: We also enjoy playtesting other games, if you have one you would like play tested please mention it and we will definitely try to help.



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This is so cool!

I have a skydiving game too! Creatively, it's called "Skydive!" (not that creative) It's not actually too much like yours as it is a pattern creation type game. Like yours, it's in the early stages, but it's not too bad. :)

It is here:

I even created an Android app for the game to act as a timer:

If you would like to try it, that would be great! I will print out yours today!

Joined: 09/12/2017

Hey Joe,

Just checked out your game as well, seems like a lot of fun! I really like the timer aspect of it. Similar to our game I think it's capturing the thrill of the fall and the intensity. Really excited to try it, and some of the other games on your site too!

-Josh Tremblay, Dreamweaver Games

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Feedback: Critical Limit

I'll have a chance to play over the weekend, but for now I've just been able to look at the rules and player board. I'd suggest the following:

- On the Player Board add the text, "Minimum of 1," in the description of the Box Position ability. This prevents a player from diving with no risk if their roll is exceptionally low.

- I really like the idea of making this a simultaneous-turn game, where players make their choice secretly and reveal them all at the same time. This keeps everyone involved in each roll of the dice, and wonder what the other divers are thinking.

Each player would choose a card with 1, 2, or 3 listed on it, and reveal simultaneously. Roll 1 die, resolve it, and issue points to those who chose 1 die. Only resolve the second and third dice if players have chosen those longer dives, issuing points at the end of die resolution.

- I suggest you switch completely to d4s. This makes it riskier for those who want to go for a longer dive. It will also increase the abilities of players over time, as their first few dives will be used to build up their ability scores, then they'll feel more confident that they can tackle riskier dives later in the game. There's still a chance of a low roll when it comes to rolling 3 dice, but overall the numbers will be higher.


Looks like a quick, interesting push-your-luck game! I'll have a go at it this weekend and see the way ability scores affect how the game goes.

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We've had some really good feedback and we are currently working on some changes. Until we implement them we have clarified some things in the rulebook and streamlined it a bit:

Joined: 09/12/2017
Big changes!

We have added a central board for all players to have access to. A new set of 5 additional skills that can be taken by the person in last place to help them close the gap, as well as a round tracker. Lots of exciting new developments still in the works.

See version 3 of the rulebook here:

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