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DeadDrop A Wargame

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The idea is to make a "poor man's Warhammer 40k". A game that could be played with just some dice and some coins if you had to. The idea came to me after seeing none of me friends wanted to play 40k because they didn't want to either : learn the convoluted rules, spend the money, or paint the miniatures. So I came up with this. I'm thinking about sending it to someone to get it published.

I've had it playtested and it tests out REALLY well and plays easily. The game can be played with any amount of people you want and could be played with just resin miniatures and some dice and paper if published. I don't know who would actually publish a game like this though, so I came here for advice on a lot of things.

The Heretics were a set of humans who originally started summoning the Hellspawn and thought they could control them. The succeeded and turns out they couldn't control them at all. The Humans fought against the Hellspawn as much as they could as the Heretics faded away into the shadows not to be seen again for many years. The Humans, in desperation, created the machines, who went straight skynet on them. Aliens, who had been waiting for the right moment to strike saw this as a moment of weakness for the planet and decided to attack. With them though they brought the terrible plague causing Parasites, evolving Insects, and Reptiles. The Reptiles immediately grew to having amazing intelligence and colonized the moon in a matter of months to get off of the Earth and made Utopia there. During the bloodsoaked chaos the Heretics resurfaced under a new leader, and tried their daring plot again. This time summoning the Beyonders. But the same thing happened again, and that's where we are in the story.

The stats are as follows :

Strength : Attack
Speed : Dexterity
Durability : HP
Intellect : Learning Capacity
Special Ability
Warfare Capacity
Numbers : Amount Sent into Conflict
Mobility : Movement
Technology : Amount of Heavy Units sent into Conflict

Heavy Units Stats are as follows :

Str : N/A since they can't hit
Spd : To Hit
Dur : Doubled
Int - N/A
Special : N/A
Leadership : N/A
War : N/A
Num : N/A
Mobility : Halved
Technology : Damage Doubled

The entire game is played with a D20 and a ruler. Mobility is measured in inches. To shoot roll speed, then damage is equal to your tech. Your range is equal to your tech score in inches. To hit with melee, roll speed, then your damage is equal to your strength.

There are three types of warriors at the beginning, minions, heavy, and leader. If a minion or heavy dies, roll leadership if your leader is still alive. If you get under your leadership score, then no minions leave the battlefield. If you get above your leadership score, then the closest minion to the minion who died is considered dead. If your leader is dead, then roll Warfare Capacity. The same rules apply. Some armies work better with a leader, and some don't care if they have a leader or not, such as parasites.

To use a special you roll D20 and try to roll under your number in your special. For Minions, HP is double your Durability, so for Aliens, a Minions HP is 6. A Heavy's HP in Aliens is 12.

The updated stats for races are as follows :

Aliens :
Str - 4
Spd - 13
Dur - 3
Int - 15
Spc - 7
Ldr - 14
War Cpc - 6
Num - 8
Mob - 12
Tech - 18

Special for Aliens - Hold
Alien Minions can roll special to cast a spell on enemy minions. This keeps the other minion from moving during the enemies next turn if the spell is successful.


Str : 18
Spd : 12
Dur : 8
Int : 8
Spc : 18
Ldr : 5
War : 7
Num : 5
Mob : 11
Tech : 0

Special : Insanity

Beyonders have the ability to cast insanity on all enemy minions at any point in the game they so wish. Making the enemy faction have to roll War Capacity or Leadership depending on if their leader is alive or not.


Str - 10
Spd - 5
Dur - 11
Int - 4
Spc - 17
Lead - 15
War - 14
Num - 16
Mob - 4
Tech - 4

Special - Destruction
Hellspawn have the ability to destroy building type terrain. If any enemy is close to a building. Hellspawn can roll their special to destroy that building and do 17 damage to any enemy within 4 inches of the building.

Str - 8
Spd - 6
Dur - 6
Int - 12
Spc - 16
Lead - 10
War - 15
Num - 9
Mob - 12
Tech - 6

Special - Magic Missle
Heretic Minions can cast magic missile. By rolling under a 16, heretic minions can do 4 damage to any enemy minion or heavy.

Humans originally had a really bad problem with missing, so we had to up their speed and lower their war capacity. But none-the-less they were a player favorite. Everyone loved playing Humans. They were an all around great race.


Str - 6
Spd - 12
Dur - 8
Int - 9
Spc - 0
Lead - 16
War - 10
Num - 12
Mob - 14
Tech - 11

Insects ended up being the speediest of players. They favored speed and numbers over anything else. People played them who wanted to win and win quick.


Str - 15
Spd - 13
Dur - 8
Int - 3
Spc - 3
Lead - 8
War - 17
Num - 16
Mob - 17
Tech - 0

Special - Distress Call
If an insect is in need of help, it can give out a distress call, and if the player rolls under a 3, they can move another insect without using movement to help them.


Str - 13
Spd - 12
Dur - 13
Int - 10
Spc - 0
Lead - 4
War - 18
Num - 10
Mob - 5
Tech - 15

Parasites were another favorite because of their special. Probably one of my favorite races too.


Str - 8
Spd - 11
Dur - 15
Int - 1
Spc - 10
Ldr - 2
War - 19
Num - 20
Mob - 11
Tech - 3

Special - Infect
If the parasites kill a minion or a leader, they can roll their special. If they roll under a 10, it becomes a parasite and gets an attack this round.

Str - 20
Spd - 19
Dur - 12
Int - 7
Spc - 3
Lead - 8
War - 3
Num - 15
Tech - 4
Mob - 9

Special - Terrain Hinderance

Normally if a race moves over rough terrain, it gets half movement, but not reptiles, they get full movement. This is a passive ability, meaning, they don't have to roll for it.


Taking Heavy Units :
When a heavy unit dies, it stays on the field, if a minion of an enemy can get to it, they can roll INT. If they succeed, then they can take the heavy unit and it becomes a heavy unit of their race.

Run and Gun:
You can only move OR shoot or hit, not both. The only unit that can move AND shoot or hit in the same turn is your leader.

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