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Dogma: Create a world-dominating religion through card drafting.

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Hi guys, i'm looking to get some play testers for my newest game, Dogma. Any feedback will be welcome!

Ages 12+
2-6 players
30 minutes (ish)
by Douglas Kaufman

2000 years ago, the great prophet Steve died. And while he was an incredibly charismatic soul with true vision and an inside line on the nature of the universe –he was terrible about writing stuff down. So now the members of his small flock have split up into factions, each with a different take on the teachings of Steve and what it means to be a true Stevian. Over the next 5 centuries, the beliefs, habits, and rituals of these factions will coalesce into the Stevian religion. And though the individuals (and most of the factions) will fade into obscurity –one of them shall rise to be the primary vessel taking Stevianism into the future.

Dogma is a card-drafting, tableau building game about factions of faithful creating their religious canon over 5 centuries (turns). Over the course of each century, they grow their faction with new worshippers through card drafting and then use those worshippers to bid on new religious laws, rituals, and beliefs. The player at the end of the game whose population is best represented in the final Canon of religious laws, is the winner.

Player Aid:
All of the above in 1 easy to download zip file:

The only thing you will require additionally are cubes (lots of them -or some other tokens you can get in 4 colours), and something for each player to hide their cubes from other players.

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