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Dragon Valley - Rules Review Request

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I am on track to have Dragon Valley on Kickstarter or a similar Crowd Funding service on June 22, 2011 in preparation for Origins. I would like to have the rules up on soon along with video overviews but, I am still not happy with the way the rules read and the layout. I have the 5th revision of the rules that has gone through local blind play testing. The testers have been able to play the game via the rules but, I want the rules to be great, not just functional. Would someone be willing to read and provide input?

The game plays 2 to 4 people and takes about two hours. I have a few copies that I am rotating through game groups so, if you are interested in borrowing a copy for a weekend, let me know.

Overview and Objective
Dragon Valley is a fully competitive game (as opposed to a cooperative game). One player reveals buildings, friendly and enemy units and special event cards. That player divides the items into piles and the remaining players each select a pile in order of lowest score to highest score excluding the player who divided the piles. The person who divided the piles gets the remaining pile. Players then take their turns dealing with the good and bad items that they received. Points are scored for destroying enemy monster units and successfully completing a siege on enemy territories. The game ends when any player’s score marker is on or past the gate of the king’s castle. The player with the highest score wins. The first way to score is to sacrifice friendly units in player regions to destroy Enemy Units and score points based on the row that the units were destroyed. The second way to score is to build defensive buildings that will run Enemy Units off the cliff. The third major way to score points is to move Friendly Units out into the valley and conquer Enemy Territories. Some King’s Aid Event cards also have ways to score.

Game Info available at:


CW Karstens

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Hey I didn't get to play yesterday so I can give you an objective read if you like

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I could not find the rules on

I could not find the rules on your page or on the geek...

Mail them tp me and I will have a read throu of them. (

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Dragon Valley Rules Review


I just sent them. Thanks!


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