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"The Dukes of Seven" Playtest and initial impressions

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Joined: 04/16/2012

I just joined the forums a couple of days ago and I have a project I'd love to get some feedback on.

It's called the "The Dukes of Seven". As I described in my introduction post, it's a high fantasy chess & MtG (well atleast the deck building portion) mashup with a dash of humor thrown in. I'm looking for some play testers and I'd hope you can help me out.

Players required: 2 (Maybe 1 if you are just checking it out)
Things required to play: Excel 2003 or later, a printer, paper, pair of scissors/paper cutter, and patients to learn something new :).
Play time: Not sure, but shooting for <2 hrs. The initial deck building portion may take longer, but in theory you only do it once per player before the game (ala MtG).

So as you can see from the reqs above, I went ahead an prototyped it in MS Excel. I did this because I'm familiar with it, and I made a VBA macro to ensure the player's build a deck within the game restrictions. Also this helps avoid printing cards you aren't going to use. The boxed game would come with a total of 238 cards.

I am also attaching a .pdf version which is the same as the excel except you can't build your own deck. Take a look if you don't have excel. It is possible to play with this version if you don't mind the fixed deck, although it changes the game dynamic.

Please note that by default excel doesn't run macros without you enabling them first. If macros scare you, and I assure you they are 100% safe, feel free to look at the code with a programming savvy friend first.

At this point I really just want to know if the sucker is fun or not, and if the rules make sense. Although further in I want to get a feel for the balance issues and flow of the game.

In the excel file I include a tab with the backstory and instructions. Then there is a template to build your deck. There is no board, as the board would simply be a place to set your cards, so I recommend a table or the floor.
Lastly I have some notes on some of the build options in the game and simple strategy, and a questions tab. Don't worry about the questions unless you want to fill them in. Any additional feedback is appreciated.

Of course if you encounter any issues with the file or don't understand something in the rules please let me know.


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Joined: 04/13/2012
I couldn't get the file to

I couldn't get the file to open. I tried opening it in both microsoft word and google docs.

Joined: 04/16/2012
avalaunch wrote:I couldn't

avalaunch wrote:
I couldn't get the file to open. I tried opening it in both microsoft word and google docs.

I just updated my original post. It's in MS Excel so it won't open in MS Word or google docs with full compatibility. I also now included a .pdf so you can at least see the game if you don't have excel. Sorry about the pain and thanks for giving it a shot.

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