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Economic game - an old-timer?

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I (62 yo, Flemish Belgian, occasional/social gamer) had some 30 (!) years ago a once-in-a-lifetime idea and designed an economic board-game which was for a few months enthusiastically played on a very basic prototype by family and friends (children, youth and adults). I then had other priorities, took it (literally) to the attic and discovered it again last year.
In between other priorities, I took me one year of de-dusting, testing, refining, re-testing, re-refining, ... I consider it now finalized, error- and bug-free, and ready for play-testing, although there is still a lot of “styling” to do.
Holding (unfortunately now a provisional name as someone published in 1983) is about acquiring worldwide all companies of a holding by means of having luck, taking risks and using clever strategies ... just as in real life.
Sounds boring or déjà-vu? It isn’t. Design, rules, dynamics, vocabulary, game-components are as well unique (I think ...) and innovative as intuitive and familiar. Age 10 to 80; don’t need to be an accountant. Playtime ½ to 2 hours.
Problem: I live in Myanmar (Burma) and therefore cannot simply send a prototype-kit/box to candidate-players. The board, the rules and some other game-components can be printed from a docx or pdf while other components (pawn, money, dice, etc.) can be “borrowed” or slightly adapted from published games. Our internet connection is too unstable and too slow for a more sophisticated communication (stutter-Skyping is the limit) . How does it work for recruiting, supplying to and exchanging with test-players?

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