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Escape From Pirate Island Looking for Blind Playtesters

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Mike Young
Joined: 07/18/2011

Hi there,

A while back I asked people to review my rules and I was asked when I'd be sending out copies for playtesting. That time is now.

I'm looking for a couple of gaming groups in the United States who would be willing to playtest Escape From Pirate Island for me.

You can see the game, as it stands, here:
Technically, you could buy the game yourself using that link, but (a) it costs $34.99, (b) has not been blind playtested, and (c) still contains some filler art. So you might not want to. :) There is a link to the rules on that web page as well.

A few ground rules.

- If you accept I will mail you out a prototype game. That's why you have to be in the USA, to save on shipping. I ...can... email you a "print it yourself" version, but would prefer not to as I've put in a lot of final art and the files are large.

- I will need your name, address, and a valid e-mail address. I will e-mail you a feedback form which will need to be completed for each play of the game. Please make sure the players' names are legible as they will be added to the rulebook under "playtesters."

- You will need to play the game at least 3 times, with varying amounts of people from 2 to 6, each time different. At least one of those plays *must* be with 5 or 6 people.

- During the playtests, you must note any rules questions you have and in what way you resolved them. I will not answer them until after you have played your first game. I ...believe... that the rules are solid and well explained, but determining that once and for all is the purpose of a blind playtest.

- You need to have finished your playtests and returned the forms by December 19th.

- After you have finished playtesting the game, you need to either return it back to me (I'll repay reasonable shipping costs) OR paypal me $30 and may keep the prototype game.

Sorry if the rules are harsh, but the prototypes cost me money and I'd like them back so I can reuse them.

Thanks very much,


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