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Essen17 - who's there?

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Joined: 01/28/2017

we're heading to Essen in a few hours - will be at Hall 2 Stand C154

We'll have prototypes of the following games if anyone fancies a bit of playtesting!

Knossus - Enter the labyrinth : hunt the minotaur through the maze....
The Potteries : play a victorian entrepreneur digging clay, making plates...
Rock Gods : manage a rockband to legendary success!
Dojo : one on one karate combat....
Spies with bowties : tongue in cheek espionage game pitting agents against each other...
Ludus Magnus : run a gladiator school to become the talk of all Rome!

Who else is there and what are you taking!

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We are going to be there as

We are going to be there as well.
Demoing Warpgate and Guards of Atlantis.

Hall 6, H124.

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Hall 6

Yep. I'll be working on the Cubicle 7 stand (Hall 6, C120), with an assortment of stuff there. We'll have a limited supply of a "preview" edition of one of my games, "Giftmas at Dungeon Abbey", which is due for a full release in the first half of next year.

Joined: 01/28/2017
will try and swing by and say

will try and swing by and say hi to both

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