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Fastest play test ever.

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I already had some feedback from 2 players, just moments ago. They answered with the question:
Why bother?

And they are right. I am over complicating things. So this topic should be deleted. Since I don't know the right question any more. I am not going to try to fix this.

A fresh day ahead awaits.

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I for one...

Am completely confused about what it is you are asking! LOL

Is it the "difference" between 3 DISTINCT Factories vs. 3 IDENTICAL Factories the key point here?

I think from that perspective, I would choose IDENTICAL because you don't lose the possibility of making ALL different types of tanks.

In the other case, you could no longer produce either A> Light B> Medium or C> Heavy. Which could be bad because I guess each tank has a bonus and a weakness, no?

The rest I don't understand: 3x vs. 15... What is "refill"?

I'll guess people with better understanding about the rest can respond. My response is solely based on having the option to produce ALL types of tanks. And that's why I would choose B. Otherwise you lose ONE (1) Factory and you lose one type of unit... That seems BAD to me.

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Joined: 10/28/2013
Sorry Kristopher. I didn't

Sorry Kristopher. I didn't notice that you where responding, while I was editing the first post. Thanks any way.
Sorry, but the issue has been "resolved".
Actually, the bin is a good place for this issue :D

I will see my friends this saturday. So then I will discus this again.

If you will, burn this topic :)

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