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[Feedback Requested] Rulebook for ESPION

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Hey everyone! I'm hoping to release the first free Print and Play of my game Espion soon. Before I do, I'd love to get your feedback on the rules, design, etc.

Specifically, I want to know if the rules are easy to understand. Are there any points where you felt lost? Should something have been explained earlier? Was anything introduced too early?

The Print and Play is available here.

Note: This Print and Play version uses our prototype art. We're creating original artwork for the game. The art attribution page will be live once the Print and Play is released.

Thanks in advance for your help!

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quick notes and questions to consider

I took a brief read-through. It seems like it has two big newish ideas for me (or I've misunderstood,) that may need focused on a bit.

As I read it, it seems there is one common deck and everyone is building their own personal deck, but cards can get returned to the common deck through normal play?

The other is that there is some sort of action selection which restricts which actions are available this turn? The description of action selection seems to be completely missing. The implication is that it is secret and card based.

Some of the language around actions is unclear for me. I think I'd introduce "action phase" to represent like 1. Sabotage and each player takes an action within that phase.

Given the term Phase, are the phases followed in the number sequence within a round or is it player sequence based?

At round end, do players discard excess cards to their personal discard or to the communal discard?

Is a player's discard pile facedown? Do other player's know what resource you gained?

All in all, pretty good. I think I can play the game with the rules as written if the action selection part is added.

Joined: 08/11/2013
Thanks! I made some updates

Thanks for your feedback! I've updated the rules here to try to address these questions and improve the readability. Let me know if this is better.

The updated rules should clarify the description of action selection and clean up the language. I've removed the word "phase" completely to use "Turn action" or "action" consistently.

Players keep their discard pile facedown. Other players do not know what resource you gained.

Thanks again for your help!

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