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Feedback/Playtesters wanted for D&D meets FTL game Fabula Nebula

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Hey, this is my first post, so please be gentle :)
For the last few months I've been developing a board game with my partner and we've now reached a point where we basically need other people to look over it, maybe even play it, and tell us what they think.

The game is FABULA NEBULA, a co-operative 2-3 hour board game/tabletop RPG game that is like a streamlined dungeons and dragons experience with a choose your own adventure aspect to it.

3-5 players in teams of 2-4 with one master/mistress of the universe running the game. You have basic dnd style player stats that govern your hand to hand combat skills, your spaceship skills and your communication skills for example.

You are a team, working together to escape through the wormhole before a nearby start goes supernova. You progress through the game encounter by encounter, and each turn you are given a choice of three feeder lines, of which you choose one and this in turn will lead to further options. For example, you go to investigate a call for aid and find a pirate vessel attacking a civilian refugee vessel. The pirates warn you not to interfere, the civilians beg you for help. You can then attack the pirates, attack the civilians or try to talk your way out of the situation. So there are multiple outcomes and multiple rewards to be gained from playing each encounter.
The way it works is two encounters, followed by a merchant, 2 encounters, merchant, boss. The game lasts 2-3 hours usually depending on player choices and other variables, we have considered making a secondary option of a shorter game with two less encounters and a difficulty multiplier but we haven't implemented this yet.

It's still a very rough prototype that needs a lot of tidying up but it's definitely playable. We've played it about 20 times with about 20 different people altogether, from our hardcore tabletop Dungeons and Dragons party to our housemates who haven't played board games for years, and everyone found it engaging and fun.

The choose your own adventure aspect of it gives the game a lot of replayability, there are 18 finished encounters currently, each with at least 3 different resolutions, and 3 bosses, again each with multiple different resolutions.
The rules are here;

If anyone would like to take a look at them and let me know what they think, it would be very much appreciated.
If anyone would be willing to playtest the game, the rest of the files needed to print and play can be found on our website at or alternatively our fb page at
All thoughts or feedback welcome.

Sorry for the long post! Thanks for reading x

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