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Flocks & Flyways: Playtesters wanted

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Hi everyone,

After a few dozen play tests with friends we think our game is ready to reach out for some blind play tests.

In Flocks & Flyways, each player is trying to earn the most Migration points by creating flocks of migratory birds and seeing them through a successful migration south for the winter to their warm breeding grounds. Players can use obstacles and benefits to their advantage to earn more Migration points than their opponents.

Flocks & Flyways has been designed and tuned for 2 players. (we're toying with 4 players and would love some feedback on any play sessions of 3 or 4 but thus far about 90% of our testing has been 2 player only).

I've attached the current revision of the rules. If you're interested in playtesting the game you can download the PDF with the cards here:

It's 11 pages/92cards.

We'd really appreciate any feedback at all, be it after a full play through or two, rule issues, anything at all.

Please let me know if there are any questions or if we can return the favor for one of your games or ideas!

Thanks again!

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