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Football the Dice game

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This is a light strategy football game that me and my friend have been designing in spurts over the last few years and would like some feedback on the rules, mechanics and overall "football" Feel.

Here are the rules for the game for PNP:
You will need at least 2d6, 4d8, 4d10, 5d12, field and markers.

Mechanics and Rules

Team Creator

Rules Reference

Trick Plays

There is also a mod available to those who use Tabletop Simulator.

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Immediate Feedback

Did a quick skim of the different documents you included here. It's quite comprehensive! I have a few suggestions for you.

- In the Die Mechanic section, you mention "dice exploding" before defining what it means. When I first read it, I thought you were making a joke...! Then "exploding" was defined in the following paragraph, and it became clear. Maybe rearrange that material a bit? Additionally, it should read as "Dice Mechanic," or "Dice Mechanics."

- It sounds to me that the game is real-time as opposed to some kind of turn-based format. I gathered this impression when reading your remarks on game time at the end of the Mechanics and Rules document. If this is the case, it should be explained explicitly at the start of the document. If it's not, then there should be an explanation as to when a specific player - offense or defense, for example - makes an action.

- Team Construction seems like a fascinating process! I like the Tweaks being both negative or positive, helping you customize your team and/or opponents in various ways. Well done!

- I really like your Rules Reference page. It lays out everything nice and clear. I would keep this handy during games. Maybe clarify the layout into "Offense" and "Defense" sections, so the player can see at a glance what they need to do when serving in either role. Again, this would be exceptionally useful for novice players, but doubly so if it's a real-time game.

I have TTS but I've not given it a go since purchasing it. Maybe this will be the game that makes me finally use it. :)

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