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Game Design track at RinCon 2010

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Hey all! I'm in charge of board gaming at RinCon this year (Oct 8-10, 2010) and I'm going to make sure there's a robust prototype testing/game design element at the con!

You may have seen Protospiel West events at cons in L.A. or Portland, or Proto Alley at BGG.con, We're doing something similar at RinCon this year. If you have a game design, and are coming to Tucson for RinCon, you should definitely contact me. We will have a Design/Prototype event each day of the con, and if you get on the schedule we will make sure we have players to try your game. You will also have a chance to pitch your game to Tasty Minstrel Games, publisher of Terra Prime and Homesteaders.

So if you're in the southwest at all, or are interested in trekking out to Arizona for this great con (meet Wil Wheaton!) - then make sure to contact me (via geekmail) and we'll get you on the schedule.

We're also going to need gamers interested in playing prototypes, so even if you don't have a design ready to go, if you like to play unpublished games and give input to the designers, here's your chance!

- Seth

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The game design track was

The game design track was awesome. Great job Seth!

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