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Gardens of Babylon - 2D/3D euro tile placement of competitive gardening!

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We’re currently in the final stages of blind playtesting for Gardens of Babylon. We wanted to reach out to the board game community of the BGDF for help with blind testing the rules and/or playtesting the game as a whole.

Gardens of Babylon is a competitive euro-style strategy game with tile placement, worker movement, and a unique reversal of fortune mechanic: the cascade!

Published by Cackleberry Games, Gardens of Babylon will be released in Kickstarter in Q1 of 2019.


Players: 1-4
Ages: 10+
Duration: 60 mins
Mechanics: Modular Board, Point to Point Movement, Take That, Tile Placement

- Place a tile to build a maze-like pyramid.
- Move a gardener through twisting staircases and shaded archways.
- Plant a seed on the most valuable tile, and cascade more seeds down onto your rivals!
- Have the most valuable seeds planted on the pyramidat the end of the game to win.

Gardens of Babylon is designed by Stavros Polyviou, a game designer based on the island of Cyprus. Stavros has been working on Gardens of Babylon for the last 12 months with intensive playtesting on the game art and components at UKGE and GenCon during 2018.


We have finalized the game art and are moving into blind playtesting of the rulebook.


PnP Files:

The game has fairly simple components, with the full list that can be found in the rulebook below. Note that while the dimensions listed for the wooden meeples and discs are ideal, you can use larger discs without much of an issue.

We’d appreciate any feedback on the quality of the rulebook, specifically:
- Are the rules clear?
- Are the rules concise?
- Is the language easy to follow?
- Are there enough examples? What other examples would you like to see?
- Is the rulebook design attractive and does it fit the game’s theme?

Additional we’d also love to hear your feedback on the gameplay as well:
- How long did it take to teach/explain the game?
- How many times did you play and with how many players? How long did it take you to play each time?
- Would you recommend this game to others? Why or why not?

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Thank you!

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Broken links

Your rulebook and PNP Google Drive Links are "broken". I get a 404 for each one... You might want to check into that... Because nobody can take a look at either of those!

Personally I find the idea interesting... So I'd take a look at the rulebook or the PNP files just to have an idea about what the game "looks" like...

Plus the rules to see how difficult the game is in terms of "learning curve".

Please take a look into why those links are not working!

Joined: 11/10/2018
Good catch, fixed!

Good catch, fixed!

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Well I'm going to definitely take a 2nd look!

I just looked briefly at your "Rulebook" and it seems very *interesting*. The layout looks super professional ... and while I need to read a bit more in depth to understand scoring ... I really think you've got an interesting game.

Using the hexagons tiles to make 3D cubes is very "intriguing".

Like I said, I haven't read all the rules just yet. Just a quick look ... I'll take a more in-depth look over the week.

But definitely seems "interesting"!!!

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