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Getting my game to a table

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Rory J. Somers
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Hi all, I would appreciate some and any advice.

How do I get my game design to the table more often or how to i get it play tested loads?

I live in the every middle of the UK, my closest playtesting group only meets once a month and it is a bit of a shelp to get to and from it.

I've had friend and family play it, and those that I have converted to tabletop gamers have played it a number of time.

I have left a full copy in my FLGS and have run a Playtest Session over a weekend but I didn't get as much uptake as I would have liked - so I have had a little blind testing.

I would like to increase the pool of playtesters and the quantity of games played.

Any feedback would be gratefully received.

Thank you

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Here are some articles on

Here are some articles on finding playtesters:

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Offer something extra to the

Offer something extra to the playtesters. Order pizza (or fish and chips) after the playtesting session is over, so you can socialize and talk about the playtesting further. You'll soon have a weekly group willing to playtest for you. Just an idea.

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If your up to it and able,

If your up to it and able, gather some other designers in the area and see if they'd like to get together for a playtesting event? You could take turns playing each other's games and even open it to the public.
In the states we have UNPUB and Protospiel which hold such events to help designers get feedback. Anything like that in the UK?

Adam Leamey
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I live in the U.K. Myself

I live in the U.K. Myself near Liverpool which has a cafe that regular playtest events and has a boardgaming group I also have a more local boardgame group in southport. My suggestion would be to do a search for areas you can get to as I found some groups by searching.

Other than that tabletopia is a good way to test your game that and events like the uk games expo I hope you find some more playtesters.

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