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Getting Reviews

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Zodiak Team
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So here we are coming into the home stretch before launching on Kickstarter. Just a few weeks left!

I've kept up with my game's twitter account (@ZodiakTCG which will be @ZodiakUniverse as of Friday). I now have over 200 followers and growing everyday!

I playtested my game again and again and again and again. I've held weekly events and took notes on what people were saying about the game.

I've made changes to the game, took out the dumb, added the balanced, and redesigned the theme.

I play tested again and again.

I wrote a rules book

I rewrote the rule book

I re-rewrote the rulebook

Playtested some more

and now with my current prototype I'm collecting people to give me a current review of my game. Several podcast such as Flip The Table, Game Night Guys, Funding The Dream, and Building The Game have agreed to take a look at the game for me and possibly talk about it on their show to help drive traffic to the kickstarter when it launches.

Does anyone else know of any more trusted reviewers that I should get in contact with?

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Contact Dice Monkey at

Contact Dice Monkey at He and his contributors often review games and do a great job of it.

Zodiak Team
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Joined: 09/09/2012

I'll check them out when I get home.

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