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Gods - 2-5 player Rock-Paper-Scissors game (~60-75min)

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Gods Cover Concept 1

This game is based on a 5-way Rock-Paper-Scissors card game, with the rest of the game built up around that mechanic. The theme is light because I mostly want to see if the game itself stands on its own before committing much to the theme. That said, you play as Classical gods from various ancient civilizations; you are competing with the other gods to create the greatest storms which grow your believers. This will increase the presence of your faith until you are the most respected god in the ancient world! If you've got a chance, I'd love any opinions, criticisms, and suggestions for improvement with this!

A couple big points:

1. The scoreboard has scoring thresholds for 2-5 players, but I'm interested to know which of those thresholds "feels" the best in-game for leveling up your access to better cards and for the end of the game.

2. You'll need something to represent the 5 different element pieces; it didn't seem wise to create pages of colored dots, but please let me know if it would be preferable to have them.

3. I want to know how difficult it is to read the cards, and how helpful or harmful the graphic design is to assist understanding in the main mechanic: the harvesting of element pieces.

4. Do the element powers feel like they fit the elements? Could they be improved or changed to better fit each element's theme?

Even if you just look through the rules and the pictures, thank you for your time! I've only really been able to playtest this with my SO so I'd love to see what more, varied players have to say about it!

EDIT: I forgot to add into the rulebook what each player's starting hand is! It should be 3 cards: the element of your chosen god, and the 2 elements they're strong against: Zeus would start with Lightning, Air, and Water. (If you look at the Tier 1 element card of each god, you can figure this out really quickly)

Sorry for the omission!!

EDIT 2: After a few comments from playtesters, the "Create a Ravage" action is incorporated into collecting element pieces. It should feel like Potion Exposion, where you get the materials and you are able to place them immediately into your Storage/Recipes, wherever they fit. At the end of your turn, you score all finished Recipes and return their pieces to the supply, along with any leftover pieces that couldn't fit into your storage (return the leftovers before scoring Recipes).


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