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Gods - a Game of Righteous Smiting

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Hi everybody,
I’m currently working on a card game called “Gods – a game of righteous smiting”. It's fast 2-4 player game about gods trying to smite their followers with horrible plagues in order to make them more faithful. I think the game is more or less finished, but I need to do more testing in order to make sure. Enter you guys. So if you want to give it a try you can download the files and rules right here (right click-save as - both are small files less than a mb).

Gods - Rules and setup
Gods - Cards

Do notice that you'll have to do some printing and cutting. The cards are on 21 A4 sheets with some (but not much) colour, and since it's a card game I'll suggest using either thick paper or card sleeves.

The game itself is close to finished, but has absolutely no artwork. And I should also add that the titles of the cards might change. It's supposed to be a funny game and to ensure that I'll probably rewrite everything a couple of times.

Now, if you actually get to play the game here's some of the question I'd like you to consider:

Reading the files
1. Are the rules easy to read and understand? I know there should be a couple of visual examples, but that’s for later.
2. After reading the rules and looking at the cards, how do you feel about the game? Are you eager to play? Unimpressed? Anything else? Do bear in mind that the design is in no way final.
3. The theme. Is it a turn on or a turn off?

Playing the game
4. What were your impressions after the first (couple of) game(s)?
5. Did you notice any specific strategies while playing? And did you play it in another way than your opponent(s)?
6. Did you repeat any mistakes?
7. Did you have trouble with specific rules?
8. Anything else you’d like to mention?

But basically all feedback is very velcome and I hope some of you will go through the effort to actually print and play the game.


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