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Good places to continue game play testing?

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Hello all,

I am currently play testing a children's game I developed (with some help from my lovely and talented wife). I have taken it to local game stores during game night (all teens or older, usually don't know them), various game groups (broad range of ages, mostly people I know and occasionally new faces) and now I'm letting coworkers and family, whom have children, borrow it to get more feedback from my target age group (5+). There are some minor tweaks that I still need to implement (enlarging the spaces, enlarging the squirrels and reducing the total number of spaces/acorns to make the game go a little faster). Most of the testers said illustrations with the instructions would help tremendously. That all being said, where are some other resources to find young play testers (say 5+)?


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First, Greetings and Welcome to BGDF! Hopefully, you'll find it to be a great resource for game mechanics and other board game advice, coupled with an area to bounce some of your ideas around.

Second, as to your inquiry...if your game has an instructive component, you may want to talk to administrators at your local Elementary School. Also, if you're religiously inclined, there may be a youth group which meets with enough frequency where you may have the game play-tested.

I wish you luck with your game!


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