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Happy Hive needs playtesters

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Joined: 04/21/2016

I have a game that I have been making called Happy Hive. It's a light euro game about bees collecting nectar and converting it to honey to store up for the winter. I have a full PnP ready, and I need help with testing.

The game was built around 2 players and has been heavily tested and balanced for that. There has been some testing with 3 players, but I need help with making sure that the game plays well in all player counts from 2 to 4.

The print and play is located here.

If you can provide meeples and cubes (as the game is meant to be played), you don't have to print 2 of the pages. The guide lists what is needed to do also. The total file is 15 pages, and the rules are 5 pages.

The game is primarily for 2 players, though I'm hoping to get it balanced for up to 4.

The feedback form is located here:

I appreciate all the help I can get. Thanks!

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