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Hard Days Knight PnP

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Hard Days Knight

Hi Everyone,

We are intending to launch this game on Kickstarter. We would love any feedback you can offer. You can access our Print N Play files from this link...

This is a dice manipulation game with character cards. You are a Knight fulfilling Quests loaded with pop culture caricatures and references.

The Print N Play Quest and Character cards are in black and white. There are 9 Quest cards included in the PnP, the full game consists of 18 full color Quest cards.

We appreciate you taking the time to look at our game.



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I'm not seeing much more than

I'm not seeing much more than a very sparse Board Game Geek entry when I Google your game. Maybe that's because you chose such a threadbare pun for your title, but it makes me wonder if you've done all of the preparation to make your launch a success. Someone with a better memory, or willingness to re-post links, will have to help out here, but there were several handy links posted recently in response to some of the other people looking to launch a product.

At a glance, the rulebook needs some editing for issues like comma use, sentences starting with conjunctions, clarity, and just general corrections. For example, the knights are competing for the "Princesses favor," which should be "Princess' favor," and they would probably prefer a "throne" to becoming heir to the thrown." Of course, there is a fundamental issue with them competing to earn the lady's favor, usually anachronistically spelled as "favour," since this is something that she would have given her chosen knight prior to such a competition as a token of affection and good luck. Favor, in terms of her approval, is likewise beside the point as this is an arranged marriage situation in which she has no actual say.

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Thank you for pointing out some of the typos. All necessary corrections have been made.

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King Elvish (Haha!)

Your game looks like a lot of FUN. Motley Crew cards and King Elvish coins! Very stylized - and unique. Good job. You definitely went out of your way to stylize the game...

One comment would be the use of more COLOR in the rulebook. It seems a just a little bit FAD. Yeah maybe it more consistent to use the brown as they are probably etched into the parchment - but I would have preferred to see some color!

Is there any reason you are making this a PnP game? Why not sell it on The Game Crafter??? Just wondering...

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Greetings, Die Makers!


Fancy meeting you out here! First, the game looks very cool. Second, and a complete aside, I think we've finally agreed on the faces for our dice. Our game has gone to the next level of play-testing, and based on the great work I've seen performed by The Game Crafter, I'll solicit a quote for our prototypes.

Hope all is well!


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Cover logo

I'm having a slight issue with the logo design. While I do get the pun-ny-ness of the title, I have to say that at first glance, had I not known what the game title was beforehand, I just couldn't read the title. The purple of the text contrasts well with the brown background, but the bleed of the letters into the grey castle wall area drowns out the purple text; they have the same color value, which makes the "K" and the "T" in Knight hard to read.

Also, the graphic in the middle is a little distracting and takes away from the reading of the logo. Rather than putting the character in the smack middle, put him off to the side so it doesn't insist upon itself.

Personally, I'm not a big fan of symmetrical designs. It's kind of boring and doesn't make for an interesting box design. Move the elements around a bit i.e. try the title on the top left or right, that way you can put the character on the opposite side. Even if you wanted to stick to the center title, I'd push it up to the top and shrink the text so that the castle floor contrasts with the whole title of the game.

I know this isn't criticism on the game per se, but as a professor at a college, I'm all about clear communication and interesting design in promoting products. It's merely my opinion, so take it for what it's worth.

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