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Healing mechanics

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I experimented a lot in the past. I also researched a lot of RTS games. And I finally thought of a system that suits MY game.

We playtested it. And so far...only success.

There is even a strategic decision on wether or to pause your squad to heal.

On one side. You can heal after a battle. But your medic can heal 6 points. While the injured soldier only has 1 to 4 damage. (5 health).
If you don't choose to heal. But let the soldier take cover instead. You risk losing that soldier in the next combat, if the enemy uses an event card. But after 2 or 3 battles. You don't need many more medics.

6 healing points has been chosen because some units have a reduction on damage in the form of [durability/agility].
If this number is lower, the unit is stronger. But also harder to heal. In fact, the healing points equal that number.

It doesn-t slow down the game. If you know a soldier is injured. You can decode to heal and not place the damage. In this situation, the game actually goes faster.

Anther decisions is.
Will the medic squad be part of another squad? Or will it stay home to heal returning soldiers?

Players enjoyed a lot of freedom in how they wanted to use the medics. And that made me happy.

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