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[Help Wanted] Decoys - A Symmetrical Stealth Board Game

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Hello! I'm Drew, and indie dev from NJ. My first ever board game, Decoys, is ready for blindtesting and I'm hoping you guys can help me out!

It's a 2 player board game about hiding in plain sight, testing your perceptive and deceptive skills. I like to compare it to Chris Hecker's Spy Party, but instead of one person playing a spy and the other playing an attacker, both players play both roles at the same time. And instead of a crowd made up of NPCs, it's a crowd made up of players' game pieces.

I won't get into the rules here, but I will say that each player gets three pieces and only one of them, the Spy, can achieve game-winning conditions, and players do not know which of their opponent's pieces is the Spy. The big hook is the balance between trying to complete your Spy's objectives before your opponent does, while also trying to move your pieces such that your opponent doesn't intuit your Spy.

If you're interested, you can download a .rar of the rules from my dropbox here:

Also, if you have a PC and don't feel like printing/drawing a board, you can download an .exe of a digital board I made to go with the game. It doesn't have any built in rules though, it's just drag and drop pieces on a board. You can get that here:

I would love to hear what you guys think! This is the first game I've ever taken this far, so I'm eager to get some serious feedback. I have a couple questions I've been asking the few people who've played, but please feel free let me know about anything you feel about this game, for better or worse. Thank you!!

Were the rules difficult to understand?
Who did you play with?
How many games did you play?
Who went first?
Who won and how?
How many successful and failed attacks were there?
How many Bonus Cards were played? Which ones?
How long did it take to complete a game?
How difficult was it to read your opponent's moves?
Did you second guess any of your own strategies? Why?
Would you play again???

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