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House of Torment: Beta Testers Wanted !

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The House of Torment : Beta Testers needed

Once long ago I wanted to make my tribute to the 1992 Infogames “Alone in the Dark”. Not being a programmer and failing all other routes I decided to tread down the path of history and into the CYOA or “Choose Your Own Adventure” territory.

What Has emerged is a solo game meant to evoke the feeling of an old school role playing game. At it’s heart is the choice based game inspired by that old gem of a video game. Through there are many similarities you will find that it has mutated into something much more disturbing.

At this point I am seeking Stage 1 beta testers for the written script. This means the flow of the story, scene transitions, and various described areas. I’ve written many sections of this story at different times over the past year and so I may have missed cast-off elements from previous rewrites. It is these inconsistencies and out of place elements that I need found and addressed.

I do expect to rewrite many sections. Because of this I am not focusing on grammar and spell checking but instead major inconsistencies.

I do love suggestions to make the story flow easier and other cool ideas you may come up with. I may not incorporate them all but If they are useful and constructive I may just take it up as a challenge to improve this work.

If you wish to test the most basic game play elements all I ask is for you to keep track of “event codes”. Those are the two letter code words that are purely accumulative.

If you wish to play the game purely for its game design please know that this is intended for Stage 2 beta testing after scripting is corrected. Currently it is based on the tabletop Dungeon and Dragons 3.5 Open Game License rules and is modified and simplified. For those that love rolling d20 die please make mention of any unreasonably difficult foes , tests, etc.

my Facebook page for easy responses and replies
Creepypasta inspired by my gamebooks
Shareable pdf file version .pdf google drive link

In this most current round of edits.
Dice system simplified.
5 character species available.
5 character 'classes' available.
5 unique character beginnings created based on 'classes'.
Character classes now have 'powers'
Rules transformed into isolated 'choice' segment.
Unresolved endings fixed and completed.
More freedom of movement allowed.
3 ill fitting encounters replaced.
Updated the link above.
Classes & Professions have been unified in presentation.
The magic of the 'Stag' and 'Boar' have been simplified yet made unique from one another. No longer over complicated.
I added a few details here and there. Not much.
This pdf has a Courier font.
For some reason MS Works keeps throwing in solid lines across at various points. I cant seem to get rid of them.
I hope you enjoy this game.
Pdf now includes cover art, hand drawn character sheets and reformatting of document.

Most of all I desire feedback.

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