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How do you come up with the rules for your game?

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I'm having difficulties typing my rules like i know what i want but i cant get it into words or i don't know what format to use, like is there a template out there for card game rules?

This is what i have so far

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Rule ideas

Your rules seem to be pretty good so far. I personally would suggest that you start by explaining the way the game runs and then tell about specifics like card types. Also pictures are always helpful.

I am far from an expert but when i write rules i usually write them imagining i am talking to some one and telling them the rules. This helps me so that the rules are presented in such a way that they are easy to understand.

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My OLD rulebook format may help you

Tradewars OLDER rulebook

Some reasons you might want to "follow" this format:

  • The rulebook passed The Game Crafter's Sanity test with over 70%.
  • The format follow the most common and easiest to read format for games that have heavy "terminology" to describe.

The newer version "flows" better but it is less "divided" into clear sections and is a streamlined version of the rulebook. If you want to have a look at a format that describes a bunch of terms and then explains the sequence of play, this version might be the right one for you.

And also, knowing that it has passed a 70% sanity check, means that the rulebook uses a well-followed format for rulebooks.

Things also important are having the "Victory" conditions (what are the players trying to achieve - as close to the beginning as possible).

I believe this EARLIER version may be more lisable and allows you a way of defining your rules with greater ease. But just check it out and see from the table of content how it is structured, etc.

If you have any question either PM me or post a reply on this thread, I'll check it out...

You can also compare with the newer version too. I've added a link to it just below. This way you can compare the two ... and see the difference. But I'd start with the older format and use that Table of Content to drive your writing of the rules...

TradeWorlds NEWEST rulebook


Note: The idea is first to get your rules in a good format ... and then you can tweak it with more images, fancier layout, headers and footers, etc.

Just know that the latest version of the rules came from the older version... It was re-formatted to look even better than the older version. But first get your rules down to Format #1 and then work towards Format #2 if you like...

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Joined: 02/18/2017
Thanx for that, it helped a

Thanx for that, it helped a lot

Here are my updated rules

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