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How do you find the TIME!?

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Recently, with my second game design, I'm finding it extremely hard to get any playtesting done of my latest prototype. WIth my first design, I had a regualr game night and was unemployed so I had plenty of time. I also only had 2 of my kids at that point, but having young kids is still having kids.

Now I am employed, I have a house, 4 kids between 2 and 7 and irregular gaming friends that all have similar life styles. 2 of them are game designers as well, and seem to find plenty of time to get thier game playtested, so my question is, what am I doing wrong that I have absolutely no time and a difficulty even finding a group of players to playtest my game.

This combined with wanting to play other already printed games for fun and research, occational family events, time with my wife...etc, is there a playtest solution I'm missing out on here? The game is still too early in development for something like and the like.

Is there any good way to get the damn prototype played more?

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Check for a local game store

Check for a local game store or game club. I have between six and a dozen game store options within 15 miles of me that have various game nights and events. If it is a smaller game, sometimes you can grab Magic tournament players between rounds if that is the store's focus.

And I schedule at least two "me nights" a month where I can go off and do my own thing for a few hours, but I find it most effective when I have one night a week.

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There is also a prototyping

There is also a prototyping shipping system that circle prototype around the country.

I was going to send you advices to "gain" time, but with 4 kids, most of them are like "Not a good idea". The only one I could think that could still works is:

Don't watch television

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yes, easy!

Have others play test it for you. There are lots of people willing to play test. Designers seem to be a mistrustfull skitish group. For good reason, I know. Myself included at times. I'm not saying put it out there as PnP or anything like that. Perhaps someone you have already dealt with in the past. Send it to them. They may already have their own network to draw from for other players. They can give feed back totally free of any emotional bias. (Friends, family). It has worked for me in the past.

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