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How to spread blind testing

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Hi to everyone,

I have a solid game with tested gameplay and mechanics. Now I'm on the stage to make some blind testing. I have the idea to spread it as print&play with a restrictive creative commons licence. I don't know if it is a good way to do so. I see some problems:
Will I be able to sell the game to a publisher, after publishing it as P&P with CC?
There are any chance someone steal the entire game?

Thank you all!

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Why the creative commons

Why the creative commons licence? Why not coppyright?

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I second that opinion

Dralius wrote:
Why the creative commons licence? Why not coppyright?

Just copyright the game and says that the P&P version is offered on limited Trial-basis. Add to that the game may not be resold or used for any form of profit (shows, in-store gaming, etc.) This is to ensure that people who play the game do so willingly and freely.

Remember it takes EFFORT to play a P&P game: you need to print it and then cut all the cards used for you game. If you do release a Trial P&P make sure you make it as easy as possible to put together for trial. Otherwise some players may get discouraged with complexity of *making* the game...

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