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I'm not sure where to start...

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Joined: 11/24/2012

I dont have enough reliable people in my circle of friends to help me start playtesting my game, and I dont have any game stores to go to that are near by me to go to either.

I'm not exactly sure how to proceed with play testing due to this issue.

I could try and do it online with people, but I'm not even sure how to do that (especially since there is an verbal aspect to the game, and doing it online would allow for undetectable cheating)

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University/College clubs

You don't have a University or College nearby either???

Most Universities or Colleges have a board game club... If not you could speak with the University or College and see if you can pin up an ad SOMEWHERE (they can tell you where) and maybe you can find some college students that might be willing to playtest your game.

I don't know your own age - if you are younger than 20, well then I suggest going to other High Schools, if you are over 20, local college or University would do just fine...

Maybe other designers have other suggestions...?

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If you are the smeagolthevile

If you are the smeagolthevile who lives in Philadelphia then you should have multiple gaming stores in your area where you can post flyers. Aside from universities, the high schools will likely have a game club. I recommend approaching the faculty member who sponsors the group, not the students themselves. Post flyers at the local library, YMCA, and coffee shops. In all cases, I recommend using a separate address from your regular email address. My past experience has been that in any group of gamers, there is 1 in 10 who you don't want knowing where you live. Events like this can bring them out from the rocks they live under. Also good to conduct playtesting in a public place (not your home or torture dungeon), because of liability, exposure for other potential playtesters, and to ensure that participants feel safe in a neutral environment. My nephew always did well just bringing board games to a bar, where he inevitably had people join in, but he is very extroverted.

Also, here is a thread on reasons why or why not to use an NDA:

I suggest getting in touch with your local SCORE at some point down the line if you want help on the business end of things:

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