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"the infiltrators" rules reading and playtesting

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"The infiltrators " is a social deduction game in the style of werewolf and resistance. Players are trying to figure out whome among them is secretly in league with the other team. Not only do you have to figure out who the traitor is, you have to make sure the other team doesn't listen in on the conversation

I'm hoping to get some feedback on the rulebook and possibly some playtesting, the game is ment for 8+ players. Every bit of advice is appreciated grammar or gameplay wise. And please be honest, if you hate the game that is okay by me, tell me what you hated and i will take a look at it.

It is quite possible that this game will eventually be published i have already contacted a publishers and he is quite interested altough there is still a lot of refining to be done before it may get printed.

~Thanks for your time

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