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Initial playtest for Skirmish Tactics Apocalypse

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Digital Capricorn Studios is pleased to announce our initial playtest for Skirmish Tactics Apocalypse (STA). STA is a skirmish-level turn-based tabletop miniatures wargame set in a post-apocalyptic near future.
To learn more about STA, visit our website: Skirmish Tactics Apocalypse

STA is designed as a print-and-play game. There are two ways to play STA: skirmishes and campaigns. Skirmishes are standalone games played for a single victory, with no lasting repercussions. Campaigns are a series of skirmishes. In campaigns, players begin with a squad of recruit characters. Over time, the characters gain experience, improve their attributes, and develop new abilities.
Information for Playtesters:

This playtest is focused on STA’s core rules. Although the playtest will use playtest versions of the game’s first two factions (the Combine and Marauders), the playtest is not focused on balance issues for those factions. An organized playtest for those factions will follow.

Please include:

1.) number of players

2.) average game length

3.) general gameplay questions and concerns

4.) what works well

5.) what does not work well and/or is confusing

6.) suggestions for improvements

7.) a full playtest report if at all possible
Here are the download links for the playtest material:
Combine Faction
Marauders Faction
Streets of Ruins Gamescape Pack

Please post session reports in this thread.

David Thompson
Skirmish Tactics Apocalypse

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