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Ins and Outs of Asking for Playtesters

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Hello there! I started a thread yesterday on the 'Geek looking for playtesters. But something came up as I was writing my post.

I don't have test cards made up, as I have been using regular playing cards to test. Is it acceptable/logical to ask for people to playtest using their own decks of cards? Or is it better to design some (probably poor looking) prototype cards?

Considering the game plays fine (and I've been told is fun) with regular cards, it just loses some theme, is the cost in time worth the potential gain in playtestability? Is there a gain?

I suppose not everyone has multiple decks of cards, and making a printable version would mitigate that, but that is the only gain I can see.

As a side note, I'd love it if you gave the game a go, as well, obviously.

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Depends ...

Not having checked the geek's entry (blocked by Proxy :( ) I'm saying: it depends.
Do regular playing cards fulfil the same purpose as the cards in your deck?
(Example: Diamonds represent Ants and numbers stay the same)
If that's the case, then it is ok.
If each card represents something only you can memorize since you are the game's designer (such as ace of hearts represents a wizard , two of hearts is a scythe, three of hearts is a Minotaur), then it is not ok.

Also, you can expect people interested in testing card games to have at the very least one deck of standard playing cards lying around. Usually they should have more.

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Ace through five of three

Ace through five of three suits represents... one through five of three suits. So I think I can check off the first element.

But this means that to play a person needs at least three decks of cards (one for each player) as there is no easy way to use the rest of the deck for someone else.

I think I will try to make a printable version just to deal with the variables... it just won't be as nice as it could be as I am not very good with computer graphics manipulation...

Also, the geek post basically just links to this blog post:

and asks for playtesters. Is it better etiquette to post all the rules in another manner, or is a blog post okay? I just don't want people to feel I am forcing views to my blog...

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Made up a set of downloadable

Made up a set of downloadable cards through godeckyourself: Blacksmiths

Three pages of cards, three cards of which are the rules. You'll need to print out one set for each player. They should be light on ink, but I don't have a printer right now to test.

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