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iPhone dice rolling app

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Joined: 07/21/2012

I have just had my first iphone app accepted by Apple, which is a dice roller to speed up role-playing games (RPGs) and other boardgames by making dice rolls with a single press.

I am already working on adding further features to it for a version 2 and would be grateful for any suggestions.

I have some ideas like:

- Shaking and sound effects. The app currently differs from others in the App Store because it does not have a graphical dice roll, but this allows it to be more flexible with the types / numbers of dice which can be rolled. Allowing the user to shake the iPhone to roll the dice, or having a sound effect might therefore be sensible. Do graphics/sounds really matter though?

- More sophisticated dice algorithm eg 4d6h3 would mean roll 4d6 and take the highest three.

- Show breakdown of dice if required eg 4+4+3

I would be very grateful for further suggestions from members of this forum who play (as well as write!) boardgames and RPGs.

Here are some promo codes for the App Store if anyone wants to check it out and make some suggestions for improvements:


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